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Phonics at Four Oaks

At Four Oaks we teach phonics through the implementation of the Read Write Inc. programme in the EYFS (Reception classes) and KS1.  RWI is an early phonics and reading programme that provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics and early literacy. It follows an interactive approach which includes a number of short tasks so that children are involved and engaged throughout the whole session. It is designed to create fluent, independent readers, confident speakers, independent spellers and willing writers.


RWI links phonics with reading and writing. During a typical RWI session, children will learn a new letter sound and practise reading words containing that sound. They will learn the formation of the letters and write words using the new taught sound with an emphasis on spelling. Following this, children are introduced to their book for the session which is linked to the new letter sounds learnt. They are taught the green and red ‘tricky’ words contained in the book and reading strategies that they can employ in their reading of the text are discussed. Children work with their reading partner to read through the text, supporting each other as they read using the strategies modelled by the teacher.


Below you can find links to a range of information booklets which provide more information about the Read Write Inc Phonics programme and how you can support your child with their phonics learning at home.