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Meet Our Staff

Here is a list of our staff at school and their job roles. Please feel free to come and meet the staff at Four Oaks.

Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team 1 S Robinson, Headteacher
Senior Management Team 2 K Quinton, Asst. Headteacher


Teachers 1 M Atkinson, Teacher
Teachers 2 K Carroll, Teacher
Teachers 3 L Kelly, Teacher
Teachers 4 H Harrison, Teacher
Teachers 5 M Horsman, Teacher
Teachers 6 J Whearty, Teacher
Teachers 7 T Hawkins, Teacher
Teachers 8 A Duff, Teacher
Teachers 9 A James, Teacher
Teachers 10 J Jones, Teacher
Teachers 11 S Roberts, Teacher
Teachers 12 S Long, Teacher
Teachers 13 L Hancox, Teacher
Teachers 14 P. Lanyon, Teacher
Teachers 15 H. Mason, Teacher
Teachers 16 S. Webber, Teacher
Teachers 17 N. Delamere, Teacher
Teachers 18 K. Huey, Teacher
Teachers 19 S. Harris, Teacher
Teachers 20 J. McGroary, Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 J Rafferty, HLTA
Teaching Assistants 2 R Arkwright, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 3 A Barrow, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 4 G Hardy, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 5 S Moran, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 6 L Shaw, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 7 J Barrow, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 8 R Beggs, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 9 J Davis, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 10 L Doyle, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 11 J Howard, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 12 R Ryan, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 13 T Dunne, Teaching Assistant

Little Acorns Nursery

Little Acorns Nursery 1 C Hoy
Little Acorns Nursery 2 J Shortall
Little Acorns Nursery 3 L Cox

Office Team

Office Team 1 L Alexander
Office Team 2 S Nicholas
Office Team 3 P Berndt

Non Teaching Staff

Non Teaching Staff 1 Cleaning Staff

Site Manager

Site Manager 1 B Collins