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Meet Our Staff

Here is a list of our staff at school and their job roles. Please feel free to come and meet the staff at Four Oaks.

Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team 1 S Robinson, Headteacher
Senior Management Team 2 K Quinton, Asst. Headteacher


Teachers 1 M Atkinson, Teacher
Teachers 2 L Bridge, Teacher
Teachers 3 K Carroll, Teacher
Teachers 4 L Kelly, Teacher
Teachers 5 H Harrison, Teacher
Teachers 6 M Horsman, Teacher
Teachers 7 J Whearty, Teacher
Teachers 8 T Hawkins, Teacher
Teachers 9 A Duff, Teacher
Teachers 10 A James, Teacher
Teachers 11 J Jones, Teacher
Teachers 12 S Roberts, Teacher
Teachers 13 S Long, Teacher
Teachers 14 L Hancox, Teacher
Teachers 15 P. Lanyon, Teacher
Teachers 16 L. Allen, Teacher
Teachers 17 H. Mason, Teacher
Teachers 18 S. Webber, Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 J Rafferty, HLTA
Teaching Assistants 2 R Arkwright, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 3 A Barrow, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 4 G Hardy, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 5 S Moran, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 6 L Shaw, Cover Supervisor
Teaching Assistants 7 J Barrow, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 8 R Beggs, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 9 J Davis, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 10 L Doyle, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 11 J Howard, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 12 R Ryan, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 13 T Dunne, Teaching Assistant

Little Acorns Nursery

Little Acorns Nursery 1 C Hoy
Little Acorns Nursery 2 J Shortall
Little Acorns Nursery 3 S Howard
Little Acorns Nursery 4 L Cox


Administration 1 L Alexander, Administration and Finance Officer
Administration 2 S Nicholas, Administration Officer

Non Teaching Staff

Non Teaching Staff 1 Cleaning Staff

Site Manager

Site Manager 1 B Collins