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Children from Year 5 and 6 were lucky to experience a few enjoyable days and nights at Colomendy in Loggerheads, North Wales.  Their nerve was tested on many occasions, with many showing great confidence in the face of some daunting activities and challenges.  It was also great to see the children out of school, showing good independence as well as teamwork.

Arts Club - Recycled Flowers

Our Year 5 Art Club has been, and continues to be, a huge hit.  The initial creative efforts have been to make use of recyclable plastic to fashion flowers.  The bottles were firstly cut and shaped; colour added with permanent marker pens.  Candles (under strict supervision on the playground) were then used to lightly melt the plastic, creating a more realistic, natural look and feel.  

Andy Warhol Inspired Lesson

Our Art focus was ‘portraits’, and as part of that focus we looked at Andy Warhol.  We studied his iconic design features to inspire us to create our own self-portraits.  We took photographs of each other, then converted them using Photo2Sketch.  We then experimented with a range of mediums, finding the most effective resources, and produced our own Warhol-inspired pieces.  

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